This online degree concentration in fitness and wellness is designed to prepare students for careers in preventive and rehabilitative fitness and wellness, health disparities, and chronic illnesses prevention and serves as a pre-professional program of study for Kinesiology and other allied health-related fields. After completing this degree, students will possess the necessary academic and clinical skills, knowledge, and dispositions that will enable them to enter into diverse career paths in health and wellness -related and sports fields that enhance health, society, and quality of life. The students will also be prepared to proceed to graduate or professional programs in Kinesiology or allied health fields upon graduation.

This program will increase the number of professionals prepared to promote health and wellness, support public health, address societal needs associated with health disparities, obesity, and cardiovascular-related diseases while earning a competitive salary.

The Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) program is accredited by the National Council of Accreditation for Teacher Education (NCATE) and the North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction (NC-SDPI).

The Recreation Administration Program at North Carolina Central University is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Related Professions (COAPRT).


Curriculum Guide

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Students in the online fitness and wellness program are required to complete the general education curriculum courses (37 hours), fitness and wellness management (48 hours), and Kinesiology and Recreation Administration (KRA) electives (13 hours) in their area of concentration.


This Concentration (Fitness and Wellness Management) is designed for current and future Strength and Conditioning/Fitness and Wellness/Exercise Physiologist professionals and Students.  This curriculum will provide the student the most comprehensive information on organization and administration of facilities, testing and evaluation, exercise techniques, training adaptations, and program design. This Concentration includes guidelines for laboratory testing used in an Athletic Strength and Conditioning Facility via YouTube Video Demonstration. Recorded Video Laboratory sessions are a key component to the On-Line course delivery.


The goal of the Fitness and Wellness Management Concentration is to provide the foundation to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S), or American College of Sports Medicine (Exercise Physiologist) prior graduation.


SAS Certification

The goal of the curriculum course-work is to provide the foundation to prepare students the knowledge and techniques for pursuing several certifications toward which the students career plan. This includes the following:


NSCA, National Strength and Conditioning Association, whereas the student would pursue the CSCS, Certified Strength and Conditioning Certification.  Employment may include Professional Sports, College Sports, High School Sports, Physical Therapy Assistant facilities for Athletic Rehabilitation.

A student pursuing this degree option has many careers, graduate and professional opportunities that include but not limited to:

  • health and wellness coach
  • fitness leader / personal trainer
  • exercise physiologist, certified athletic trainer
  • cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialist
  • physical education/health teacher
  • strength and conditioning coach
  • mental /emotional coach, sports coach
  • director of community and recreation and youth sports programs
  • faculty member
  • researcher

Students graduating from this program can also pursue health professional careers such as:

  • nurse
  • physician assistant
  • physical therapist
  • occupational therapist
  • recreational or medical doctor

Estimated Tuition and Fees Per Credit Hour

*Please note: Tuition & Fees are subject to change*

Minimum grade point average: 2.0 (1st Degree) and 2.0 (2nd Degree)

Admission and Program Requirements Guide

Admission Requirements


U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents
Preferred Deadlines
NOVEMBER 1 for spring enrollment

International Applicants
Preferred Deadlines
SEPTEMBER 1 for spring enrollment


Dr. Rudolph Bailey

DE Coordinator


Phone: 919-530-6332


Rosalind C. Richardson

North Carolina Central University

Department of Kinesiology & Recreation Administration

Administrative Support Associate

Phone: 919-530-6186

Fax: 919-530-6156


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