Dream. Believe. Achieve.

“The online Criminal Justice program at NCCU allowed me to continue working full-time and spend quality time with my family.” – Sandra McKenney (mother, grandmother, full-time employee, student)


“Students can expect the same high-quality of instruction, learning, and enthusiasm as in a face-to-face course. Our online students can expect to feel comfortable in knowing that we do our best to ensure they do not feel like they are out there in the virtual world by themselves.” – Dr. Cheresa D. Simmons, Assistant Professor


“I strive to make my classes as engaging, connected and personable as my face to face classes; I want my students to feel connected to each other and to me. I keep students connected by using “check-in” messages via text. Every day, I say “hello” and let students know what’s due, when tests are available and discuss current events. Students appreciate the text reminders because they are convenient and they don’t miss deadlines.”- Tracy Barley, Clinical Assistant Professor


“The most beneficial part of the program has definitely been the flexibility. I’m already into a career right now. I’m working towards the Counseling career, but I’ve been teaching and that’s very demanding of my time. So, being able to complete the program online has definitely been beneficial for me.” – Brittany Davis (Student, Online Career Counselor Program)