The Videoconference Rooms provides video conferencing and video classes through interactive video for faculty, staff and students at North Carolina Central University.  Video conferences are transported using video over IP or H.323 protocol to connect with sites.  We also use WebEx to connect to desktop systems.

NCREN (North Carolina Research & Education Network) our network provider for large conferences and classes.  They also provide A/V content management for recordings of classes for video streaming to the internet.

Video class Productions: Courses and seminars broadcast live to universities and facilities around the world.  Located in Shepard Library.

Classroom Facilities:

Video Classroom: (NCCU 1) Capacity – 33 people, located in Shepard Library room 364

Conference Room: (NCCU 2) Capacity – 14 people, located in room 361

To Schedule Contact:

Tamisha Waden

Telephone: 919-530-6787 or 919-530-5299