The Master of Science Mathematics-Concentration in Data Science program provides high quality education in mathematics that includes the most recent developments and discoveries in mathematical research. Areas of expertise include Analysis, Algebraic Topology, Cryptography, Scheduling/Number/Approximation/Optimization/Lie theory, Quantum groups, Fluid Dynamics, Bioinformatics, Numerical PDE and Data Science. The program is fully online.

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A Computational Science track is designed to provide students, who may come from quite different educational backgrounds, with a uniform basis of knowledge in basic computational techniques; and the program will train students who will have advanced knowledge in areas such as computational science, robotics, networking, biometrics, bioinformatics, the internet, multimedia, healthcare and biomedical engineering, among many others. This track allows the student to develop the use of advanced quantitative methods in thinking about and solving problems; knowledge that is valuable in all walks of life. Students who complete the track can pursue further study, are prepared for the computer consulting and information industries, and scientific and statistical analysis careers in industry and government. Graduates may choose to use their broad-based skills to become entrepreneurs and business leaders in their field.

Estimated Tuition and Fees Per Credit Hour

*Please note: Tuition & Fees are subject to change*

  • Minimum GPA: 2.70
  • Bachelor in Mathematics; Computer Science; Engineering to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis
  • 2 Recommendations
  • Application Essay
  • GRE
  • Official Transcripts of all schools attended

Admission Deadline – FPO

Dr. Alade Tokuta

Telephone:  (919) 530-5108

Department Office:  (919) 530-6217

Fax:  (919) 530-6125


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