North Carolina Central University complies with SACSCOC policies and requirements regarding Distance Education, including those related to student verification/authentication. Each student enrolled in a North Carolina Central University online course is provided with, and must use, a secure login and password to access and participate in the online course. This method of student verification and authentication complies with the SACSCOC Distance and Correspondence Education Policy Statement.

Online courses taught at North Carolina Central University may require proctored exams or writing assignments. This means students will be monitored by an approved person, or proctor, while taking an exam.  The use of proctored exams is determined by the instructor.  If proctored exams are required, this will be indicated on the course syllabus and by your instructor. Please be sure to read your course syllabus carefully.

North Carolina Central University online students who live near Durham may arrange to take their exams at the University Testing Center.  There is no cost to North Carolina Central University students to use the University Testing Center.

North Carolina Central University does not impose any additional charges specifically related to verification of student identity. Students enrolled in distance education classes in which proctored exams are required may incur charges imposed by the proctoring site they choose.  Students may arrange to have their tests or assignments proctored by an approved individual or organization located within their geographic area.  For access to approved proctors located within as well as outside of the state of North Carolina, North Carolina Central University is a member of the UNC Online Proctoring Network.

Students can easily access a wide range of proctors by logging into the network with their North Carolina Central University credentials. The UNC Online Proctoring Network includes a vast list of proctors, who may or may not charge for proctoring services. Students are responsible for any fees associated with proctoring services.

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